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Stick Built Framing Melbourne

Stick framing” is the most common used practice to construct homes of today. It involves a truck load of timber dropped on-site that all needs to be measured, cut, then fitted for the individual specifications required to match the plans supplied by the owner builder/ builder.

This includes setting out window positions to work brickwork sizes to minimises brick wastage and unsightly brick cuts.

It’s also important to position studs under load points. There are so many specifications to take into consideration including material quantities, plumbing locations, electrical concerns, etc - the reason why experienced trades people are required!

Once the frame structure of the homes is completed and following an inspection, you can proceed with the plumbing, wiring and insulating of your walls prior to hanging plaster (dry wall).

Stick built homes do not carry the extra cost of transport like (pre-fab) does and stick built can be built to suit site specifications without any rectification work that may be required to pre-fab if slabs or sub-floor dimensions have changed.